Hi, my name is Ted Wroblewski, I am the owner of ALPHA-DOG TRAINING.  Here we don’t discriminate against different dog breeds, and we train your companion to be the best they can be for you and your family.  Here are some things that you should know about me and my family.

                 Back in 2000, my wife and I rescued a two year old Bull Mastiff named Sam.  At the time we weren’t as educated in the world of dogs, and made every mistake in the book. We thought a dog was a dog, so he was overstimulated, extremely energized, dominant, and over protective of me.  He would pull on the leash when my wife, pregnant at the time, would walk him.  We had our oldest child in May of 2000, and to me, we were the ideal family, or so I thought.  One night, I was taking a nap when my wife, Tracey had screamed, then I had heard intense barking from Sam.  He had pinned her to the couch!  Not knowing what the next step would be, we brought Sam to a no-kill shelter.  Every day this scenario haunted me, I constantly wondered, “what could I have done differently?”

                Fast forward five years, Tracey, my daughters, and I had become good friends with the Houstons’.  Melissa Houston, a local dog trainer, had revealed the errors we had made with our previous dog.

                In 2013, after a lot of begging from the kids and me towards my wife, we decided it was time to get another dog, Kona.  My goal for Kona, was to have a stable, loving companion.  After watching Cesar Millan, and mentoring under Melissa Houston, I decided my life’s mission / my dream was to be a dog trainer.  I was being trained months before we had the dog, because I know that training begins with me.

                After having Kona for a little over two years, I realized that I was meant to be a dog trainer.  I would like to help you and your canine companion with the lessons I learned from my past mistakes.  To help you and your dog grow, I was trained from multiple trainers, and being mentored by Melissa.  I also participated in the Pack to Basics “Advanced Dog Socialization” program with Chad Mackin and another program, T3 Train Your Trainer, run by Jeff Gellman and Sean O’Shea.  The T3 program was a week long, and during this week, my eyes opened and I rebuilt myself.  Completely embracing the program, I am now fully equipped to help families fully enjoy their relationship with their dog in all aspects of life.

With the support of my family and friends, I opened AlphaDog.  A new chapter in my life has now begun and hopefully I can help you start a new chapter in you and your family’s life with a better companion