" Went for 2 walks at Buffams with their collars and they were very good no accident in the house and they slept in crates...
...We are getting up tomorrow morning and going for another walk = they were so good there were other dogs there and they didn't try to pull..."


                           Michelle Hamel Courtney

Teresa Kopec — 5 star
The entire Kopec clan would like to give BIG thanks to Ted and his family for taking care of our baby girl KARA. We are very appreciative of the updates and photos. Our weekend away was very relaxing knowing that our youngest is being cared for first of all by a professional that knows how to handle her and will keep her safe and second by a family that will show her the love that we do.

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Jen Laperle-Sclamo

January 2 at 10:03pm · Worcester · 

The difference in this household is like night and day after just one 2hr in-home visit by AlphaDog tonight. If your pups need training, I highly recommend giving them a call! Prices are extremely reasonable too. Thanks so much Ted Wroblewski & Tracey Lohner Wroblewski, you guys ROCK!!! BONUS: husband training was free!!! 

Comments[Jen Laperle-Sclamo]
Jen Laperle-Sclamo And I'll tell ya, the mental exercise is just as tiring. We didn't go for our nightly walk and usually if we don't they're off the wall & wrestling with each other all night, but they're both laying here like we just ran 15 miles. I think they're in shock like wtf just happened, we have rules now??? Lol.

1-9-16 – I just want to say that having Ted, Dan and Kona come to my home to teach me how to handle my dog Gronk who is a 16 month old, 102 lb German Shepherd was a blessing from above.  Gronk is a very high strung dog who did not do well outside with me on the leash. There have been several occasions where he would pull me down and drag me across the yard and the last time it happened Gronk hurt my shoulder, my ribs and my hip. I decided at that point I needed help.  I work with a woman who highly recommended him and said I should give him a call.  I am so happy I did. Ted came over and showed me so many techniques on how to get the respect I deserved from Gronk.  He took the time to go over every part of training him until I felt comfortable with his technique.  I now can go to my door and as Ted would say OWN MY DOOR, not him. Gronk now sits when I tell him, walks with me outside without pulling, and if he does start to pull I now know the technique to make him stop so I don’t get hurt.  He does a wonderful job with place also. I feel very blessed to have met Ted and have him help me get Gronk to be the kind of dog I need him to be. He no longer rules my home, I do.  I highly recommend that if you are having the same problems with your dog that I had with mine, you should give him a call and you will see the most amazing transformation with your dog in such a short amount of time.  Thank you Ted, Dan & Kona