The Dog Walk

  When it comes to the dog world, either you are the AlphaDog or you are not, this is important in a human/dog relationship.   The Walk is a fundamental building block that is needed for a great dog.  It only builds up from here.

  Mastering the Walk is very vital for a long and happy relationship with your four legged friend. 

$149.00 at your home or other location*
2 Sessions
Each Sessions last one hour.


New Puppy?  Then this is the package for you!!  Start off on the right paw and you will enjoy every blessing moment you have with your puppy. 

Private one-on-one lessons at your residence:
Basic commands
Structured walk
Crate Training
Proper feeding habits

$599.00 at your home*
5 Sessions - 1st session will be 2 hours long.  This will allow me to familiarize myself with your puppy and to build a relationship with your dog/family.  The remaining 4 sessions are 1.5 hours each. 

One on One

  This package is intended for a good dog that can be better.  Pulling on leash, does not listen to you off leash, fails to come when called, chewing on things that shouldn’t be chewed on, jumping, etc… 

$229.00 at your home*
2 Sessions/3 hours total

4 One-on-One In Home Sessions

This package is for you and for your canine.  We will work as a team to correct any/all issues you are having with the dog, and when I say “you” I am referring to your family.  Everyone needs to be on the same page and consistent. This package is more invasive, homework is part of the package.

$489.00 at your home*
1st session will be 2 hours long.  It will allow me to familiarize myself to the problems at hand and to build a relationship with your dog/family.  The remaining 3 sessions are 1.5 hours each.  If we are successful and there is no need for any other session(s), the money can be refunded to you for the remaining session(s) or you can choose to keep the remaining session(s) to use during the life of the dog.

* Prices may vary based on location.