Why dogs put their heads out of the car window.

  Do you have a dog that enjoys putting his head out of the window while you are driving?  Do you know why your dog does that?  A dog sees his world by smell, hearing and then by sight, he/she is putting their head out the window to smell the surroundings.  Do you know that this is dangerous?  A lot of people do not realize this, but while driving you are moving at speeds usually in excess of 25 mph, a bug hitting your dog is moving at the same speed as your car.  If the planets and stars align, chances are that a bug can hit the dog in the eye and cause severe damage.

  While driving, please keep your dog’s head in the car with the window slightly open.  The dog will be able to smell the area, and do it in a safe manner.  

The importance of using a crate

  Don’t look at a crate as being negative or punishment, look at it as a place to keep your dog safe.  We all know that puppies love to chew on things, while in a crate the puppy can’t chew on anything.  Slippers, carpeting, furniture are all on the menu, and these items on the menu can be dangerous too.  It can cause a blockage in the intestine or splinters in the esophagus.  The puppy might choke on something.  A puppy from a breeder can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and dogs from a shelter usually run a few hundred as well.  Surgery for removal of the blockage can cost a few grand, but a crate only cost $45-$80.

  Another added bonus of crating your puppy is that it will keep him calm, it will give the puppy a sense of security.  Crating after a structured walk and after some training it give them time to reflect on what was going on, it will allow the training to sink in while at rest.  When guest come over, crate your dog.  The dog will not be under your guest feet (not a tripping hazard) and he will not get stepped on, once the energy in the room diminishes that’s when you can let it out and he can socialize.