Threshold Technique:  This technique is one of the most important techniques, this can keep you and your dog safe.  Just because you open a door in your house, crate, car… does NOT give your dog permission to go through it.

You come home after a long day and approach the door, your hands are full from picking up dinner from the grocery store.  Somehow you are able to get the key into the keyhole to unlock the door and suddenly the dog runs out and knocks you to the ground, you bruise your wrist, dinner is on the ground and the dog can potentially get hit by a car.  With the Threshold Technique your dog will;
Not get in the way. 
Will not run out.
You will not get injured.
Not get hurt.

Crittering Technique:  This technique is useful for stopping a dog from chasing squirrels, cats, dogs and really anything you do not want him to chase.  This technique is also helpful for dogs that are animal reactive, to a lesser degree, or dogs that are not in tune with you.

  My dog Kona is a good candidate for the critter technique.  This technique I learned while I was in the T3, Train the Trainers Seminar.  Everything was going well until someone brought dogs into another section of the room.  Kona’s energy level went up and he had nothing to do with me.  Sean O’shea took Kona’s leash and explained what to do, after 6 or 7 tries Kona started paying less attention to the dogs and more attention to the person on the other side of the leash.

  Once Sean handed the leash back to me, Kona again started paying more attention to the dogs in the room.  I started the crittering technique, and after a few tries, Kona started paying more attention to me and his energy level dropped.

  When it comes to the dog world, either you are the AlphaDog or you are not, this is important in a human/dog relationship.   The Walk is a fundamental building block that is needed for a great dog.  It only builds up from here.

  Mastering the Walk is very vital for a long and happy relationship with your four legged friend

By layering the Leash and Prong Collar with the e-collar you can train your dog to Heel off leash.  This is a two part video because I did forget to mention that the leash and prong will only be used as a guide and the corrections will be made with the e-collar.  We are using low levels on the e-collar too.

Many people look at the e-collar as a bad thing and call it a "shock collar", properly used it is a great tool.  Also in this video you will see the proper placement of the prong collar and e-collar on the dog.


Here we are showing how to reintroduce the e-collar to a dog that had a bad experience with the e-collar.  This method can be used for anything from leash, collar, vacuum cleaner... etc...  

How to use a clicker to train your dog calmness and focus work